Wendy Williams’ behavior allegedly intimidated the inner circle, presumably incapacitated

Is Wendy Williams Putting fear in his close friends? A report says he no longer recognizes people close to him. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Body tune-up can’t hide the same old Wendy!

Per National Investigator, Williams is splurging on a complete makeover to help her return, but makeup can’t help her mind. An insider admits that Williams looks fresher than usual, “because people around him say it’s because of a new breast work and a long list of other cosmetic procedures.” He looked healthy during a recent trip to New York City, the source said, adding that there were some red flags.

“Something was very close with him,” they say. “He didn’t even recognize a friend who went to say hi.” Williams is currently out of stardom due to some health problems, but he is determined to return to television anyway. A plastic surgeon concluded that Williams may have had breast augmentation and some facial work done. The source says, “He’s suddenly polished on the outside কিন্তু but he’s still the wreckage of the train!”

Is Wendy Williams okay?

The Investigator More determined to name Williams than anything else. It calls her a “train wreck,” “diva”, “a recovering cocaine addict,” “batty” and “sick.” Each paragraph of this story contains at least one jab directed to Williams, so there is much more insult than hard evidence.

The doctor quoted in the story never treated Williams, so you can ignore what he has to say. If this outlet knows Williams has robbed a friend, why is all this so vague? Surely everyone has failed to recognize someone before-especially someone who apparently does not deserve to be named in the story তাহলে so there is little basis for calling someone a train wreck.

Whether or not Williams has done any work recently is entirely his business. All Gossip Cop Knows for sure that he is actively fighting for his own financial control. This year there was a rare outing at the Met Gala where Williams looked happy and healthy. She seems to be very aware of what is happening around her. This outlet undoubtedly tried to turn a happy occasion into one insult after another.

Wendy Williams rumors

This tabloid once announced that Williams was near the edge because his ex was dating his ex-wife. He’s still in this mortal coil, so that story was fake. Insiders have speculated that Williams was fired from his talk show for being a wild card. Part of his appeal was always his “wild card” nature, so it didn’t seem right at all.

A few months ago, r Investigator Claim granted by Williams Scene. None of that story ever came up and it was never explicitly mentioned. Stick Gossip Cop For legitimate news about Williams.

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