What happened to Edward Norton? The truth about blacklisting rumors

Edward Norton Psychopathic altar boy Aaron Stampler made a big impression in the 1996 thriller, gaining fame in the 90’s. Primitive fear. He became one of the most respected actors of his time, won three Oscars and appeared in classic films. War Club And American History X. But for more than a decade now, the actor has appeared in fewer movies and has faced rumors that he has been blacklisted from Hollywood because he is tough on the set. Is it hard to work with Norton? Or has he just decided to take a break from acting? Here is an investigation into what happened to Edward Norton.

He has a reputation for being difficult to work with

Rumors of Norton’s harsh behavior began in the early 2000s. According to ObserverWhen the young actor landed his groundbreaking role Primitive fear In 1995, he signed a three-film deal with film studio Paramount Pictures. When Primitive fear Coming out and Norton’s notoriety suddenly skyrocketed, he was overwhelmed with movie offers and for Paramount he found it difficult to honor his original promise.

Norton continued to reject Paramount’s offer in favor of films produced by other studios. The actor was even able to negotiate his three-film deal with Paramount – the movie studio that helped him start his career – in just one film. But even then the studio had trouble collaborating with him. When he appeared in the 2003 film Paramount Jobs in Italy, It took a lot of legal fighting to get him to commit.

Starring Ed Norton and Edward Farlong in “American History X” (New Line Cinema / Getty Images)

Norton was also reported to have had an altercation with his director, Tony Kay American History X. Wrote for Kaye in a 2002 article Guardian, He reveals that when Norton saw the film and didn’t like it, he agreed to let the studio make his own cut using his Star Power. That cut turned it into a theater, much to Kai’s grief.

The director wrote, “The movie they released was crammed with tears in each other’s laps.” “And, of course, Norton generously gave himself more screen time.”

Why Norton was replaced as ‘The Hulk’

Perhaps the most famous reason for Norton’s tough reputation is that he was not asked to return as The Hulk in Marvel’s 2008 movie sequel, Incredible messy ships. Many were skeptical because, in a scene similar to what happened during editing American History X, Norton clashes with the studio over how the film should be cut. This delayed the release of the film, which did not please the studio.

When news spread that Hulk’s role had been remade and given to Mark Raffaello, Norton initially expressed frustration. “Looks like it won’t work for me,” he wrote in a Facebook post (reported by The Hollywood Reporter). “I sincerely hoped it could happen and be great for everyone, but it didn’t turn out as we all expected.”

But a few years later, the former Hulk changed his tune, making it sound like he never wanted to be number one in the franchise. “I felt like I tested and felt what I wanted,” Norton said of the Hulk game in a 2014 interview with NPR. “I think you can do something once, but if you do it many times, it can become a suit that is hard to see in other people’s eyes.”

Was he blacklisted from Hollywood?

While many have speculated that Norton’s claimant behavior has blacklisted him from Hollywood, this is probably not the case. The Moonrise Kingdom The star has always had a choice of roles, and she has appeared in a handful of films over the past few years, including 2014 Birdman or (the unexpected quality of ignorance), For which he won an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He is a favorite of Wes Anderson and has appeared in four of his films since 2010. Also, he is appearing in mystery thrillers Knife out 2Which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Shawna Robertson (L) wears a black, lace-patterned dress and smiles at Edward Norton, who looks back at her.  He is wearing a dark blue blazer over a white shirt.
Shawna Robertson (L) shares a sweet look with her husband Edward Norton. (Photo by Leon Bennett / Getty Images)

It is also possible that Norton’s priorities have changed now that he has a family. He married his longtime girlfriend Shawna Robertson in 2012 and welcomed his first son Atlas to Earth a year later. Since then, the actor has admitted that his ambitions have changed.

“If you’re lucky enough, [acting] It leaves a lot of time to get involved in other things, ”he said in an interview with 2015 Independent. “And if you’re engaged in other things that are really compelling or interesting or a different part of your brain or challenging for your personality, it raises the threshold that one part of the job you need to fill with interest and take you away from everything.” That’s another thing. Even though my ambition used to be to focus on acting one-sided, now it’s gone.

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