What happened to the killer, Barney Tide, portrayed by Jack Black?

Nowadays, true crime biopics are being released left and right. While these may be the latest trends for streamers, Hollywood has been making them for many years. Hidden Gems of 2011, BarneyI saw Jack Black As the title Barney Tide, A favorite funeral director-altered-murderer who left the corpse of a widow who had been frozen to death for months before being caught. The film’s final credits show that Black meets the real Tide in prison to study a character, but where is Tide today?

An unlikely friendship

In 1996, Barney Tide was in his late thirties and working as a funeral director in Carthage, Texas. As a hard worker and a sympathetic presence for bereaved loved ones, he was widely respected in his community. His services were known to be top notch and in one of these services Tide met the newly widowed Marjorie Nujent. Following her husband’s services, the couple developed a very close relationship, and Tide quickly became Nujent’s sole companion and eventually the sole beneficiary of her $ 10 million estate. This relationship was the subject of much gossip around Carthage because Marjorie Nujant was widely regarded as unpleasant. He was a forty-year senior at Tide.

Murder of Marjorie Nugent

Nugent’s constant demand for attention began to wear in tides, mingling with his hard-to-please nature. Tide was learning why Nugent had such a bad reputation – at the expense of his leisure time and mental clarity. This struggle eventually leads Tide to shoot Nugent multiple times in the back, then prepares his body for burial and puts it in a freezer in his garage.

To maintain the presence, Tide acted as if Nugent was still alive, canceling his appointments and sending his best wishes to anyone who asked. Tide has spent a large portion of Nugent’s fortune on charity but has failed to repay several of his debts. As a result, his family became suspicious and filed a missing person’s report. The situation escalated when, nine months after his murder, Nugent’s body was found in the freezer during a search of his home.

Arrest and punishment

Tide quickly confessed to killing Nugent and expressed deep remorse for his crime. He was initially sentenced to 50 years in prison but appealed, which ended in a bad move. She was bored for life in prison where she was a model prisoner, led health classes for inmates and participated in prison choir.

Where is Barney Tide today?

In 2014, Tide’s defense filed another appeal, citing childhood trauma as a contributing factor to the crime. The appeal was granted and Tidek was released for a hearing. Interestingly, he spent his time as a “free” man, with Richard Linklater, who was the director of the 2011 biopic based on the case.

In 2016, Tidek was harassed again, this time for a 99-year term. Until 2021, he lives in the Texas Criminal Justice Department and will not be eligible for parole until 2029 when he turns 71.

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