What is a Dowager Countess?

Maggie Smith Favorite Dowser Countess will reprise her role as Violet Crowley in the newly released film Downton Abbey: A New Era, So it’s time to answer our most burning question about the famously dry-witted character: just what is a dogger countess? It’s amazing how many longtime fans of the popular Netflix series don’t know what the title really means or where it came from.

What does the title Violet Crowley mean?

Maggie Smith continues to delight fans as the sharp-witted and even sharp-speaking violet Crowley, the mother of the Crowley dynasty, with six seasons and two feature films. With the release of the second Downton Abbey movie, some new fans may enter the fold, or perhaps some longtime fans will want to know what the title of Smith’s character means. Fear not, we have got the answer.

The origin of the word “dozer” is Latin, although it circulated through France before returning to the English language. It is a word that is basically a combination of two existing words: endo and dowry. A “dauzer” is a widow who inherits property from her deceased husband, the Earl of Grantham. The result of her marriage is an endowment, a secondary dowry if you wish.

Definition of a Dowager

As Mariam-Webster puts it, an accomplice is “a woman who has a title from her property or her deceased husband.” In the case of Violet Crowley, this means that she inherited the title of Countess, as well as the land of her late husband and other property after her death.

She is also referred to as the Dogger Countess to separate her from the current Countess, Cora, and to identify her as a widow. Another related term is a “dowry”. A dowry is a partner’s house, usually a separate building on the same land that was once owned by Dohar’s late husband.

We are already dying to see our favorite Dodger, Countess or otherwise, in action again, and we are already dying to hear what he has done for his family, among others, in this recent film. International treasure Maggie Smith is sure to delight.

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