What will Bob Weinstein do in 2022? Is he still making movies?

Harvey WeinsteinIts name is notorious in the entertainment industry, with a long history of sexual harassment and harassment that has been off for decades. However, what about his brother BobWho co-founded Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company with his brother?

Beginning in the Weinstein Brothers industry

The Weinstein brothers bankrolled Miramax using funds raised through their rock show, which started out as a small independent film distribution company, to launch concert promotions.

Miramax has become a huge company, creating blockbusters like this Pulp Fiction And Goodwill. The Weinsteins sold Miramax in 2005 to form The Weinstein Company. Their success continues with hit movies like this Chicago, King’s speechAnd Spy Kids And Horror movies Franchise

However, in 2017, the company was hit by a scandal when Harvey accused more than 60 women of sexual harassment and harassment. The following year the Weinstein Company closed.

Bob’s reaction to his brother’s crime

Harvey is currently serving a 23-year sentence. Why couldn’t the academy release Will Smith from his Oscar sentence for his crime, but what about his brother? Bob was outspoken in his disgust at his brother’s actions, writing in an email, “F-ku Harvey Weinstein. I pray there is a real hell. That’s where you are.

“I think you’re, it’s her own hell, if you can feel it there’s no chance. Oz, you didn’t kill Nicole Simpson and you had sex with all those poor tortured women,” Bob continued. And for immorality and inhumanity you deserve a lifelong reward for what you have done. “

Is Bob Weinstein still making movies?

Her brother’s activities may have tanked their successful film company, but Bob is still working in the entertainment industry. In 2019, he launched another production company, Watch This Entertainment.

The only project announced by the studio is an animated film Endangered. Tia Leoni was named one of the film’s co-producers and vocalists. However, nothing else has been announced about the movie, and no other project of Watch This Entertainment seems to be working.

Did Bob know about Harvey’s crime?

Although Bob has completely cut off his brother and publicly denounced him, some in the film industry have condemned him for his “terror” while dealing with his brothers’ actions.

Amanda Harrington, VP of Times Up Communications, said in a statement in Hollywood, “There could be no ‘Harvey Weinstein’ without the complexity of Bob Weinstein, who for years kept up the profits of human life because Harvey intimidated women throughout the industry.” Reporter. “Bob Weinstein has no business, let’s start a new production company while dozens of survivors are still looking for some small measure of justice.”

Others claim that Bob knew about Harvey’s history of abuse and assault for years and did nothing but ask him to be treated for his sexual addiction. The truth behind what Bob knew about his brother is still unclear, but Harvey’s fall seems to have taken his brother down as well.

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