What will Prince Harry, Meghan Merkel do during the Platinum Jubilee tour?

The eyes of the world are on England and the members of the royal family Queen ElizabethIts Platinum Jubilee. However, watching the festival, many are thinking about some more controversial members of the family. What will happen Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel What will they do while in the UK?

Harry and Megan will only attend a few public events

Many were shocked to hear that Harry and Merkel would travel to England to celebrate the birth of their children: Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 11 months. Since the two are no longer members of the royal family, it is expected that they will be in the background during their visit.

According to Telegraph, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend only a select few public outings. This does not mean that they will keep their distance from the rest of the royal family. The couple is reportedly planning to spend some time alone with the royal family.

They are some such incidents Willpower Is there for? The color trooping took place this morning and Harry and Merkel were present. However, they did not appear on the porch of Buckingham Palace with the rest of the royal family. The couple will also take part in a Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on June 3

The duke and duchess are said to be in touch with the palace to discuss the logistics of their visit and attendance, but the royal allies are being kept “at arm’s length” in the couple’s plans.

The Queen welcomes them with ‘open arms’

While many are not happy that Harry and Merkel are back in the UK, the Queen is glad to see them এবং and to meet her granddaughter and name Lilibet for the first time.

He is expected to “welcome Harry and Meghan with open arms” and will probably spend time with family when Lilibett celebrates her first birthday later this month. Queen Elizabeth plans to maintain peace among her family members, although the relationship is considered tense.

According to Daily message, The Queen wants to celebrate her jubilee “an occasion to unite the country with her own family.” “Nothing wants to overwhelm it – and that includes family issues,” he said.

Looks like Harry and Merkel perfectly match the Queen’s expectations. They seem happy to be out of the spotlight during their visit and their spokesperson has just released a brief statement about the jubilee: “Excited and honored to have the Duke and Duchess join in the jubilee celebrations.” Many are thrilled to see Harry, Merkel and their children return to the royal family, even if they are not as visible as the rest of the royal family.

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