Where is Jerry Seinfeld’s controversial ex-girlfriend Shoshana Lonstein in 2022?

Jerry Seinfeld One of the world’s most famous stand-up comedians and one of his most successful shows revolved around his dating life. However, it was Seinfeld’s real-life relationship that was the subject of much controversy: his relationship with her Shoshna Lonstein– A minor at the time.

The relationship between Seinfeld and Lonstein

Seinfeld met Lonstein, a senior in high school, while the two were walking in Central Park. He was 17, he was 38. She and Seinfeld began dating shortly after graduation. The comedian later claimed he did not know he was a minor when they met. “I didn’t realize he was so young,” she said at the time. “She is the only girl I ever went out with. I wasn’t dating her. We just went to a restaurant, and it was. “

Lonstein graduated from high school and studied at George Washington University for a year, then moved to UCLA to get closer to Seinfeld. The couple had been dating for four years, but eventually separated after graduating from Lonstein College in 1997.

According to Lonstein, some of the reasons for their separation were the relentless press scrutiny for New York and his homelessness (Seinfeld was living in Los Angeles full-time when filming his hit sitcom).

Surprisingly, the relationship was highly controversial and Seinfeld took a lot of heat to date someone much younger than him. During an interview with Howard Stern, the radio host joked, “So, you sit in Central Park and put a candy bar on a string and pull it out when the girls come?”

His life after comedian dating

Lonstein, who graduated with a degree in history and art history, later began his career in fashion. In 1998, she started a clothing company whose goal was to create clothing for all body types.

“My whole life, starting as a young teenager, I had a tight fit for clothes,” Lonstein explained. “I was incredibly spontaneous and as a young woman it was frustrating not to be able to find things that fit well and gave me a feeling of celebration in my body. I was lucky to have a mom who helped me find these things or change them, especially my swimwear. I was size 2, but I had a very busy top then, and it can be very detrimental to young girls that they can’t find things that work for them. “

In 2003, Lonstein married Joshua Grass, CEO of Round Hill Music. The couple has three children: Sienna, who is now a model for her mother’s line, and twins Angelica and Joseph. She and Grass separated in 2014 and she currently lives in the Upper West Side with her kids.

Seinfeld and Lonstein’s relationship was controversial then and now, and the comedian has apparently received a lot of criticism for dating a woman much younger than him.

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