Where will Prince Harry, Meghan Merkel stay during the Jubilee tour?

Queen Elizabeth It is already celebrating its platinum jubilee After months of questioning, Meghan Merkel And Prince Harry Has announced their intention to join the festival with their children. However, it is not yet clear where they will be during the event. Here’s what we know.

Megan Merkel is participating above all

A lot of ink has been sprinkled on whether Merkel and Harry will fly abroad to celebrate Elizabeth. After Harry mentioned the need for increased security before he felt comfortable bringing his family to England, it seemed that this was not to be.

Although we don’t know for sure, it seems certain that the amicable meeting between Merkel, Harry and Elizabeth on the way to the Invictus Games helped to soothe any tension. Harry had a very kind talk afterwards, and now he and Merkel are going to attend the jubilee. The two should not stand on the verandah because they are not active members of the royal family, but they will stay in the country to celebrate in the same way.

Where will they stay?

The question of where Harry will stay reveals how irresistible this whole royal rivalry has become. According to The Sun, all four Sussex are expected to stay at Frogmore’s cottage while in town. The couple never stopped leasing property, but they did allow their close friends and cousins ​​Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank to be there in their absence.

Harry was in this same place when he was in town for Prince Philip’s funeral. When someone has a semi-formal way of life, you cannot say that he will never return. The family will be staying in some guest bedrooms, so there is no need for Eugenie and her family to move temporarily. Although there are many tabloid stories promoting the conflict between Merkel and Beatrice, they do not seem to have any credibility.

When is the festival?

The jubilee celebration is scheduled for June 2-5. Each of the four days will feature a grand ceremony in honor of Elizabeth. The original marquee event is scheduled for the 2nd, when Elizabeth and some members of the royal family will swing to the public from the porch.

The decision to limit Elizabeth’s balcony to “working” members of the royal family means Harry and Merkel will not be there, and it wisely excludes Prince Andrew. The accused pedophile was relieved of royal duties, so he will not spoil the photo-op. Maybe Harry and Merkel will watch the events from Fragmore’s cottage, or maybe they’ll be sitting in the back room.

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