Who is Kelly Kuoko’s new boyfriend? All we know about Tom Pelfre

Cale Kuoko Recently revealed that he has found love again! The actress has confirmed her relationship with the actor Tom Pelfre Including a sweet Instagram post. The couple seems to be happy together, but what do we know about Pelfre?

Cucoco’s new relationship with actor Tom Pelfry

Fans were completely unaware of Kuoko’s new relationship, so his social media post was a happy surprise. “Lately Life,” the actress captioned a carousel of photos showing her mountain vacation with Pelfer. “‘The sun pierces the clouds, the rays of gold fall on my eyes and heart, the rays of yellow to break the gray.’

Pelfre also posted photos of the couple’s trip, sharing a long caption with her and Cuco’s sweet Polaroid snap. “It’s so simple that there’s so much good in the world and you don’t know how to get it,” he wrote. “And it makes you wonder when you lost your place. Then you catch a breeze, so warm and ripe, it makes you hope that someone will come who can’t even save you, but who will think you deserve to be saved. ” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Pelfry’s acting career, dating history

So, where have you seen Pelfre before? The actor has acted in many well-known TV shows, e.g. LED lightsWhich led him to Daytime Amy and Netflix for Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series Iron fist And Ozark.

Before meeting Cucoco, Pelfrey dated many, including his co-stars LED lights Actresses Gina Tognoni and Stephanie Gachett, and Flute Co-star Lily Simmons. Before dating Cucoco, she was reportedly unmarried since 2018.

Kuoko Love Life

Kuoko also had a complicated love life, dating her The Big Bang Theory Co-star Johnny Gallagher for two years, and has a short-term relationship Iron Man Star Henry Cavill.

The actress has been married twice before: to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to 2016 and to equestrian Carl Cook from 2018 to 2021. Kuoko recently spoke about her marriage experience Glamor“I want to have a lasting relationship or partnership,” he said. But I will never marry again. Absolutely not. You can literally put it on the cover. “Although Kuoko has ended the marriage, fans are happy to see that he has fallen in love with Pelfry again.

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