Why am I giving my dad this DIY whiskey kit for Father’s Day?

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I am very proud of my gift giving ability, especially for a holiday. Every year, Father’s Day stumps me. What can you get in your life from someone who hates Nick-Knox and / or already has everything he or she wants?

But more importantly, what can I get him to say that I haven’t shared a vacation in more than a decade already? I inevitably spent the first two weeks of June panicking স্ক scrolling through the idea of ​​unwanted and unorthodox gifts কিন্তু but not this year.

On this Father’s Day, give a DIY gift to the dad in your life.

Let Dad do his work

Etsy provides DIY whiskey kits
(DoYourGin / Etsy)

My old reliable for Father’s Day gift is usually a good bottle of wine. It’s simple, to the point, and I know it’s a gift that the dads in my life will actually use and enjoy. Still, I wanted to shake things up a bit this year.

My first thought was of large quantities of shells for a rare, top-shelf bottle. Not only do I know where to start, but I didn’t To feel That’s a lot different. Fancy, sure, but it’s technically the same gift.

So, when I found DoYourGin’s DIY whiskey kit, I knew I had hit the jackpot. This top-rated gift combines two of Dad’s favorite things: a good drink and acting like them. Instead of buying a bottle directly from the store, this whiskey kit lets the whole process be a gift – from steep to late.

Meet its proper taste

Etsy DIY Whiskey Kit Botanical Close-up
(DoYourGin / Etsy)

The Do Your Own Whiskey Kit comes with two upright bottles, 12 cylinders full of fragrant botanical, stainless-steel ice cubes and three recipe tips. All you need to add is a light alcohol base, and you’re on your way to a completely unique, home-distilled whiskey.

Your gift can match their wines with the right flavors with a wide range of botanicals. Vanilla, cocoa beans, and cinnamon complement the sweet-toothed sipper. For those who like strong drinks, add notes of dark chocolate, Birds Eye Chili and Chai Mix spicy complexion.

To make a kind of whiskey, add the desired botanical to a light wine bottle. DoYourGin recommends vodka, corn wine (moonshine), or grain alcohol. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the stronger the ingredients.

Once the ingredients are added, let the mixture stand for a certain period of time. Once the alcohol and botanicals are mixed, you can start sipping by pulling the hard ingredients.

Take a sip

This gift is not just about customization; It’s about Experience. A regular bottle from the store is great — he opens it, sips, tosses. But with this DIY whiskey kit, his special-occasion drink turned into a realistic science experiment.

Also, it is much easier to brew whiskey at home than to make DIY beer, camouflage or wine. This creates better, tastier results. (And if you live with your gift, you’ll be happy to know that it’s even less messy and smelly.)

This kit is a wonderful gift for alcohol amateurs and fans. This provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the process of making whiskey and appreciate it. It’s an exciting change of pace and an activity they probably wouldn’t have felt otherwise.

Such a DIY whiskey kit is really a gift to give. From the steep process to the final sip, the dad of your life will love this thoughtful, unique and creative gift.

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