Why did Jessica Alba quit acting? The truth about his career today

In the 2000s, Jessica Alba He was one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Her role in the hit sci-fi drama Black fairy– Plus parts like the main ensemble film series The city of sin And Marvel’s Imaginary fourRita pushed him towards superstardom and made him a household name. But in the last decade, r Knife The star has significantly delayed his acting career. So what happened to Jessica Alber? Here is what the actress and the mother of three have done so far.

Why Jessica Alba rarely acts anymore

Jessica Alba started her career at a young age, appearing in commercials and TV guest spots from the age of 13. He got his big break at the age of 19 when he starred on the Fox show Black fairy. After appearing on the show for two seasons, he seamlessly transformed into a big screen role, such as appearing in movies. Honey, In the blue, Imaginary four And Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The city of sin And Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, Valentine’s Day, And Machete and Machete killed.

Jessica Alber close up frame in Fantastic Four
Jessica Alba plays Susan Storm / Invisible Woman in ‘Fantastic Four’ (20th Century Fox)

But in the late 2000’s, Alba began to limit the number of roles he could play in the film. Although he was at the top of his game in terms of star power Barely deadly The star took on a new role that became much more important – being a mother. After giving birth to her first child, a daughter named Honor, in 2008, Alba says her feelings about her acting career have changed dramatically.

“That’s what really inspired me,” he explained in a 2021 interview Romper. “My inspiration was not, ‘Am I ever going to be hired again?’ Honestly, I was at the top of my career. [But] I couldn’t go back to what I was doing before and be authentic. I just couldn’t. I don’t care about it the same way. It was something big. I thought if I was going to get this platform, what could I do with it that could make sense and make a difference? It felt so real when I first became a mother. “

What is he doing now?

Although Alba did not give up acting altogether, she decided to focus on something bigger. After realizing how difficult it is to find safe, effective and affordable consumer products for children, he co-founded In honest company 2011.

In its first year of business, it sold $ 10 million, including its baby wipes and diapers The brand expanded rapidly to include a wide range of baby and wellness products and in 2015 launched a clean beauty line, Honest Beauty. In 2021, The Honest Company went public with an IPO worth $ 1.44 billion.

Jessica Alba, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Honest Company, and Nick Vlahos, CEO of Honest Company, rang the opening bell of the Nasdaq Stock Market to mark the company.
(Photo by Dimitrios Camburis / Getty Images for Honest Company)

For all his success as a business owner and entrepreneur, Alba admits that it was not easy for him to act. “It’s impossible to build a brand and build a business,” he said Romper. “Even it took me three and a half years to find partners to join me, and I got a lot of rejections … at each stage, I’m trying to be better and better as a businessman Set your skills rather than writing your name on the package and doing a press tour, picking a few designs. “

No wonder he had to scale his acting gigs! Apparently, it was a smart sacrifice.

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