Why do people seem to hate Leah Michelle so much?

After the success of the fugitive CheersIt seemed Leah Michelle Was at the top of the world. All that has changed in recent years, and public sentiment seems to have turned against Michelle. The multi-talented singer and actress has been accused of behind-the-scenes behavior of hit musical shows, including allegations of racism, which has greatly affected her reputation.

Why did Leah Michelle become so controversial?

Leah Michelle gained a reputation for her musical talent, but it was her behind-the-scenes behavior that made her a parody for a short time. Although he is returning now, thanks for the recently released HBO documentary Spring Awakening: The ones you know. The hit Broadway musical helped Michelle begin her career and introduced her to her close friend and love interest on stage, Jonathan Graf.

With Michelle’s renewed interest comes the restructuring of most of her public scandals. Although this is why she became a family name, during Michelle’s time Cheers There was also a reason for his downfall from grace. In 2020, when Michelle was pregnant with her son Ever Rich, the ex Cheers Star Samantha Weir accused him of racist behavior when the two worked together on the show.

Those inside complained racism

Wire, who is black, claimed that Michelle had threatened not to “put on my wig” in many more “traumatic microegressions”. Wire apparently began to come forward with his allegations after Michelle tweeted support for the Black Lives Matter movement during protests surrounding the assassination of George Floyd.

Weir said Michelle spent her brief stint on the show as “living hell” and several ex Cheers Co-stars have expressed direct or indirect support for the war on social media. This is not the first or last time that the stars of the show have accused Michelle of behaving less stellarly on the set.

Other joy cast members who have spoken

The late Naya Rivera writes about her relationship with actress Rachel Berry in her 2016 memoir Sorry sorry not. Rivera claims Michelle Diva behaved, and the two were initially friendly, but “although as the show progresses, that friendship begins to break down, especially when Santana moves from a background character to one with a larger plot line and more screen time.” Gone. I think Rachel-Irm, I mean Leah – didn’t like sharing the spotlight … ”

Rivera continued, “If I complained about anyone or anything, he assumed I was worried about him. Soon, he started ignoring me and eventually it got to the point where he didn’t say a word to me in 6 seasons.” In a 2019 presence Watch Live What HappensRivera denies arguing with Michelle, though, telling host Andy Cohen, “I don’t think there was any beef.”

The cast was too “scared” to report bullying

Rivera was not the only one behind the scenes for Michelle’s behavior. Heather Morris, who played Rivera’s on-screen love interest, talks a bit about what it was like to work with Michelle in Danny Pellegrino. Everything is iconicC podcast in 2021. “We could just go step by step and go to Fox Exx and tell us how we felt about the situation, and no one really did,” Morris admitted.

He added that the culture has changed over the years and now people are being encouraged to move forward without sitting still. “I think a lot of people were very scared,” he said. “I know, to be honest, I didn’t think it was my place. And I don’t know why, because I was a cast member like everyone else and we all deserve to be comfortable on the set. ”

Morris was also one of those customers who spoke of solidarity in 2020, saying Michelle was “unpleasant to work with.” At the time, he was shaking hands with some people for not going specifically, but explained, “People were like, ‘It’s so mysterious,’ like, ‘Why don’t you go and tell?'” He told Pellegrino. “I like, ‘Guys, she’s pregnant, and she’s got all these things going on, and … it’s true’ – and I don’t know if we’ve been beaten and it’s a normal victim.”

Missing opportunities follow complaints

As a result of racist allegations, and subsequently cemented by bullying allegations, Michelle lost some career opportunities, including a sponsorship with Hello Fresh. It was also unfortunate at the time that Michelle was pregnant during the massive backlash against her. For his accomplishments, Michelle apologized shortly after the allegations began to surface.

Michelle posted the following statement on her Instagram page that read, in part: “Although I never thought of making this particular statement and I never judged others by their background or their skin color, this is not really the point. The important thing is that I definitely I’ve done things that hurt other people. “

While the allegations against Michelle appear to be well-documented and backed up by a wide array of former co-stars, it is important to note that an attempt has been made by Michelle to clearly trace her past behavior. While that past behavior was completely unacceptable, there is no reason to believe that Michelle is not capable of changing for the better.

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