Why doesn’t the royal family sign autographs (it makes a lot of sense)

Many around the world would love the opportunity to meet a member of the royal family, but there are some strings attached to the royal encounter. Although most members of the royal family view themselves as celebrities, there are some things that a star would do that a royal would not. So, why wouldn’t the royal family sign autographs?

Why wouldn’t the Royals sign autographs

The prohibition on signing autographs by family members in public is one of the oldest royal protocols. As members of the royal family become more and more famous – especially young members – the ban on autographs seems unfamiliar and unfamiliar. What is the reason for the rule?

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The reasoning behind the ban on autographs is that giving a royal signature can lead to forgery. Although it is possible to buy royal autographs online, they are usually from family members who are either dead or no longer working. The signatures of people like Prince Harry or Kate Middleton are extremely rare.

When Merkel broke the rules

This protocol has been broken before. In 2018, Meghan Merkel moved to Cardiff with her then-fianc Harry. While the couple was greeting the crowd, Merkel spoke to a young girl who then handed a pen and paper to the Duchess of Sussex. Merkel has signed, but not exactly what you think.

Instead of signing her name, Merkel wrote, “Hi, Caitlin, with a ‘K’.” While some may point to this as another gaff from the American monarchs, he is not the only one who has signed anything for a member of the public in 2010, when Prince Charles Cornwall gave autographs to flood victims.

There is no royal selfie, either

The autograph ban is not the only rule that members of the royal family have to follow when it comes to greeting the public. Members of the royal family are also forbidden to take selfies with people. There are a number of reasons why this rule may be effective for anyone who does not turn away from the monarchy, from not wanting to be trampled underfoot for taking pictures with the royal family.

However, over the years, this rule has become more relaxed. Young members of the royal family, including Prince William, Harry, Middleton and Merkel, have been seen taking selfies for years. Other members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, accidentally turned into selfies when a selfie was photographed by a pair of Australian girls at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Although many royal fans prefer to get an autograph from their favorite royal, the rules of autograph are still quite strict. While this is understandable, many people around the world are waiting for the day when the rule will no longer be in the books.

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