Why Kelly Ripa missed the latest episodes of ‘Live’! With Kelly and Ryan

Fans of it Show live! With Kelly and Ryan Co-host is missing Kelly Ripa For the past few days, and some are wondering why he took the time from the morning show with which he hosted Ryan Secrest. Never be afraid: Ripa was taking a proper vacation.

Ripper’s dreamy Paris vacation

Secret was the first to announce to fans that Ripa would not be appearing Show live! For a few days. Instead, Ali Wentworth will take over and accept the co-hosting responsibility. So where was Ripa?

Paris! The morning show host took a dream vacation in the city of love with her husband Mark Consules. Ripa took pictures on Instagram of her trip to Paris, from delicious food to beautiful selfies of her and the consoles.

“A weekend scene of the Paris celebrations,” Ripa captioned her Instagram story. The couple spent a big night at a cabaret show at the famous Paradis Latin Cabaret on the left bank of Paris.

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Ripa is obviously still thinking about her French vacation; He recently posted a picture of a cup of coffee in his story with the caption, “Oh I miss you so much Paris.” The TV host has already returned to the kingdom, but his stay in Paris is not the only time he has left. Show live! With Kelly and Ryan.

Gig hosting his new game show

Ripa recently announced that while taking a break from the show, she is actually filming for a different show: Generation gap. The game show, which will be hosted by Ripa, pitted family members against each other as they spent years trying to answer trivial questions about pop culture.

The game show is actually a revival of a popular quiz show of the late 1960s. Generation gap The rapper is being produced by production company Milozo, which she runs alongside her husband.

In honor of the big news, Ripa posted a picture of herself on the set, waving a hot pink pantsuit with the caption, “Generation Gap, it’s a wrap. Thanks for the magic Hollywood. Premier 7 July 9pm EST !!! Don’t miss it. “

Fans are overwhelmed to see that Generation gap And glad that the always busy Ripa is taking some time, dedicated viewers Show live! With Kelly and Ryan Glad to see him back at work on the morning talk show.

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