Why Kirk Cameron is trending on Twitter for his comments about public schools

Public school has become a hot topic over the years, and actors Kirk Cameron Its the latest big name to add two cents. Cameron has made headlines with his new documentary Homeschool Awakening.

Cameron called the public school system “so bad.”

Cameron appears in the movie with seventeen homeschooling families who dispel misconceptions and rumors about how your children should be homeschooling. The actor has been criticized for his politically charged comments as to why he thinks families should go homeschool.

“The problem is that the systems have gotten so bad,” he said Fox News. “It’s sad to say that they are doing more than just educating our kids about the issues that most of us want to teach our children, for the sake of makeup, for sexual harassment and for the progressive left.”

The actor mentions issues such as critical race theory, gender theory, and the 1619 project — all of which are being debated in various public school systems. Cameron claims that these things are “destroying the family, destroying the church, destroying the love of our great country.”

Her personal experience with homeschooling

Cameron and his wife, Chelsea, teach their six children at home school and say that keeping them away from public school has improved their socialization skills and allowed them to meet and interact with people of different ages.

“Homeschool was not on our radar screens because we had these misconceptions and stereotypes as many people do,” Cameron explained. “Like, you know, it’s like Quakers and Amish, and how can you educate your kids enough to get them into college? What about socialization? “

Although Cameron claims that homeschooling has improved her children’s socialization skills, psychological studies have not been able to reach any conclusions about how homeschooling can affect children.

Twitter users slam Cameron

Social media users were quick to denounce Cameron’s views on public schools. “I understand why Kirk Cameron is against public education, educated people will never voluntarily watch a movie of his,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “Kirk Cameron has been trending for 2 days? It’s 2 days more relevant than before. “Someone else joked Fox News Refers to Cameron as an “award-winning actor”: “Kirk Cameron’s most recent award was about 10 years ago. It was the 2014 Golden Raspberry Award in the worst actor category.

Cameron’s comments about why parents should send their children to home school have made him a major topic of conversation, and many are calling on him for his controversial views on the public school system.

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