Why Meghan Merkel is being blamed for her father’s health crisis

Meghan MerkelHer sister continues her attack on the Duchess, blaming her for her father’s stroke, which occurred just days before she planned to travel to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Serious stroke of Thomas Merkel

Just a week before he left for England, Thomas suffered a major stroke and is now receiving emergency treatment in the United States. The stroke was so severe that he lost the ability to speak.

Meghan’s older sister Samantha first realized that there was something wrong with the phone call to Thomas. He begins to lose his speech, and Samantha quickly reaches out to local friends, who take Thomas to Tijuana Hospital. Her stroke was so severe that she was rushed across the border to the United States for treatment.

It’s no secret that Meghan has serious problems with her father and sister. Samantha has filed a lawsuit against her sister and trolled her on Twitter, and Thomas is rather open about her disagreement. Although the issue of stress is their father’s serious medical concern, Samantha is still taking this opportunity to slander her royal sister. Shared a statement with Samantha Daily letterIts Dan Uton, who set out to make a TV special film with Thomas.

Samantha blames Stroke for Meghan’s ‘negligence’

“My father is recovering in the hospital. We want privacy for the family, for her health and well-being. She just needs peace and rest, “said Samantha.” Godspeed. We’re praying. She just needs a little rest. “

He then changed his gear by pointing his finger at Meghan. “It’s a matter of deception how much she has been abused and how much she has had to go through over the last few years for my sister’s negligence,” Samantha said. “It’s unforgivable.”

According to Merkel family members, Thomas has been the target of online attacks on YouTube, where he has posted videos discussing current events and his world-famous daughter and son-in-law. These attacks made him very stressed and upset, which led to blood pressure problems.

Thomas’ high blood pressure has been a source of concern for family members over the past few weeks, and some are angry that he has not received any financial help from Meghan and Harry to finance his treatment.

The current situation of Thomas

Thomas is currently being treated at a hospital in Santa Barbara, California, but is still unable to speak. Thomas is communicating with family and friends via text message. According to family members, Meghan has not yet contacted her father.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Samantha has a long history of slandering her sister in the press, and this seems to be the latest excuse to push her.

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