Why people think Chrissy Metz is the Alison Brie ‘B’ word in the Golden Globe

Chrissy Metz And Allison Brie Friends, but if you have seen the 2019 Golden Globe you may not know it. Metz caught a hot mic, apparently calling Brick a B-word. Let’s re-learn this scandal and see how everyone reacted to it.

Timeliness is everything

At the 2019 Golden Globe, red carpet host Missy Pyle and AJ Gibson were interviewing Metz when it was time to move on to a new interview. Community Star Brie and Yvette Nicole Brown. Brie supported there Brilliance. Metz’s microphone was still working when the camera was cut off. He was apparently heard saying, “She’s such a bitch.”

Chrissy Metz responded

As one would expect, the little slip caught fire immediately. Our weekly Ran away with the story. It has become a big problem that both Metz and Brie knew about it before the end of the night. Before the show ended, Metz tweeted some clarifications. “It’s very unfortunate that anyone would think that a story that is completely fabricated would run low!” I love Alison and will never say bad things about her or anyone else!

Although Metz and Brie do not work together, there is mutual respect. After hearing more, it seems Metz is saying “he’s a kid,” a compliment many would agree with. It was Metz’s wise act to issue an explanation before the baseless rumors got out of hand.

Brie’s response

Flash forward six months, and Brie went See what happens to Andy Cohen. A caller asked him about the Metz rumor. Cohen immediately said, “We felt very bad for you and for him.” Brie agrees, “I care more about her than I do. She’s such a sweetheart.”

Brie explained that he had come out of a bathroom on his own to find out about it. One journalist politely said, “I don’t want to tell you if you haven’t heard.” Once Brie pulled it out of her, she said she was stunned. “I was just like, he doesn’t sound like he’s going to … in what context? Was he joking?”

Brie’s initial reaction was to assume that he had done something to displease Metz that he did not know, which is very nicely related. Both Metz and Brie behaved for it and the whole scandal spread. You can catch Metz This is us The final is coming soon.

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