Why Prince William almost never held Kate Middleton’s hand in public

Prince William And Kate Middleton Married for over a decade, and the royal couple seem to have fallen in love too much. This makes one wonder why this pair is rarely seen holding hands. One expert thinks the couple is just showing them good manners.

Etiquette experts claim the couple wants to be ‘professional’

William and Middleton often photographed at events, but never shook hands. Etiquette experts say that this is not because the couple is not in love, but because of professionalism.

Says Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette People“There is no real etiquette or royal protocol that says the couple must abstain from PDA. Perhaps the argument goes even further that while traveling on a trip, technically the couple is a working representative of the British monarchy. “This same argument is responsible for many royal protocols surrounding photography etiquette.

“Couples may show very little PDA for being professional during their nominated role abroad, if any,” Meyer said. He added that while formal events are usually PDA-free, casual events are fine.

“Senior members of the royal family will probably not be told how to communicate or when they can show the PDA or not and will be trusted to use their better judgment on when it will be appropriate,” he explained. “PDAs often adjust PDAs to mirror the formality of the events that the parliaments are attending. In a casual event, where it is considered more appropriate, we are less likely to see a PDA than a casual event.”

William and Kate have been caught doing some PDAs before

Although the couple is rarely seen holding hands, William and Middleton are not entirely opposed to some PDAs. The couple has been seen hugging at events like the 2012 Olympics and kissing cheeks at the 2016 polo match.

They have held hands several times before; The paparazzi hold the camera in their hands while traveling in New York City, and the pair usually hold hands while walking to church for their annual Christmas service.

William and Middleton are often seen with their hands on each other’s backs, and the Duchess of Cambridge is photographed with her hands on her husband’s legs as the two sit down for the event.

They may not be very interested in showing affection in public, but it is clear that they are still in love a lot – they do not show it while on the job.

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