Why Prince William forbids helpers to talk to the press about the family

Prince William He is said to have issued an order instructing his staff not to speak to the press about members of the royal family, a so-called “senior royal source” told a prominent British tabloid. This alleged royal leak was made in response to allegations from The search for freedom Writer Omid Scooby says the most damaging rumors about Sussex came from “other royal families”.

Prince William, Harry’s complex relationship with the press

The alleged bad blood between the royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry has apparently heated up when a biographer close to the Sussex camp mentioned rumors that many negative stories about Harry and Megan Merkel came from other royal families.

Omid Scobie, one of the co-authors of 2020 The search for freedomRecently the second part appeared The Princess and the Press, A documentary exploring the relationship between the royal family and the press. The documentary has already sparked renewed controversy over “Teargate”, with rumors claiming that Merkel was not allowed to wear a specific tear for her wedding, which later forced Harry to shout at an employee that “Megan will get whatever she wants.”

Was “Tiaragate” even real?

The alleged event ended with Queen Elizabeth leaving someone, but rumors have been circulating about whether she blamed Harry or Meghan for their “bad” behavior. Although it does not say whether it actually happened. Regardless, it raises the question of who will leak these harmful stories about members of the royal family.

Scooby explained, “There have been a lot of rumors over the last few days that some of the most damaging and negative stories about Harry and Meghan, which ended up in the press, came from another royal family or others. Royal helpers or courtiers. That’s true from my own experience.” The call is necessarily coming from inside the house.

A former BBC royal correspondent responded to Scooby’s claim, explaining: “This did not happen while I was working for the royal family. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Where Prince William allegedly stood on the gallows

Speaking to a so-called superior royal source The sun And insisted that such behavior would not fly among Prince William’s royal associates. “William was clear from the start that we were never short and never said anything about anyone else in the family.”

William apparently learned the lesson after seeing his parents’ disordered divorce in public in what became known as the “War of the Wallace.” The source continued, “He lived through it in the 90’s… and it never wants to happen again. She is in a much better place [with the Press] Than his brother. ”

Considering all the nasty things that happened between Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana at the time, as well as the open villainous role that the press played in exploiting it, it is not impossible that William would avoid publicly insulting his family. We are always hesitant to believe in any kind of anonymous “royal” source, senior or otherwise, so take this story with a grain of salt.

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