Why Shia Labiuf is so controversial

Shia Labiuf He was once one of Disney’s most beloved child stars, but multiple scandals, bizarre behaviors and allegations of abuse from a previous romantic partner have tarnished his once-glorious reputation. Labiuf and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Mia Goth Recently just a few months later they welcomed their first child Even Stevens Ex-girlfriend of the actor FKA twigs A lawsuit was filed against him, alleging that he was abusive during their relationship. Here is a brief history of his past scandals.

Shia Labiuf’s past scandal

When Even Stevens Ending in 2003, Shia Labiuf’s Hollywood reputation did not fade. He was able to turn several successful projects, including starring Disney Sitcom Hole And a small role I’m a robot. In 2007, Labiuf starred in it TransformersWhich was released on the heels of another box office winner Disturbia. While this was his most successful year to date, it was also the beginning of a series of problems for the young child actor.

That same year, a very intoxicated labyrinth was arrested after refusing to leave the Chicago Walgreens. Allegations of misconduct against him were later dropped by the store, and during an interview with David Letterman, Labiuf explained that he was celebrating his 21st birthday and wanted to buy cigarettes.

The incident of the bag

The next seven years were fairly quiet for Labiuf until his infamous red carpet walk in 2014. He attended its premiere Nymphomaniac, Volume I., A controversial film in his own right, while wearing a sharp black tux on his face and a brown paper bag. The bag, you probably know better, read “I’m not famous anymore.” He is using the phrase on Twitter to lead the event, where he walked out of a press conference earlier in the day after answering only one question.

BERLIN, Germany – February 09: Shia Labiuf attends the premiere of ‘Nymphomaniac Volume I (long version)’ at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin on February 9, 2014, in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Clemens Billan / Getty Images)

It was that year that Labiuf found himself in a second arrest, although it would not end. This time he has been arrested for disrupting a performance Cabaret Starring Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams. During a later interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Eagle Eye The actor said he would come to the performance directly from Ireland, where he drank heavily and continued to drink when he arrived at the venue.

Labiuf also admits to cuddling Cumming’s back, telling Kimmel, “I grabbed the whole cheek because I wanted a party here in my pants,” in a seemingly humorous manner.

Regarding the incident, Cumming later said during his own meeting with Conan O’Brien later that year, “I think he was really confused.” Cumming withdrawal. “He was just spoiled, and the second time he went into the thing. When I got off the stage to start the show, everyone was terrified because there was someone out there who was screaming and stuff seemed crazy. “

‘Elastic heart’ backlash

The following year, 2015, featured more criticism for her and then 12-year-old Labiuf Dance mom Star Maddie Ziegler starred together in a music video for the song “Elastic Heart”. Labiuf and Ziegler danced in nude-colored outfits, annoying some viewers by calling them “pedophilic” undertones. Sia later apologized for some of the “triggers” but insisted that these were just two actors whom he trusted to make his point.

In 2017, Labiuf was again arrested during anti-Trump protests and charged with assault. At the time, he had launched a new campaign called “He Won’t Divide You” with then-President-elect Donald Trump. As part of the protest art installation, visitors were encouraged to approach a camera and talk to it. This went well until one person approached the camera and said, “Hitler did nothing wrong.” Labiuf shouted at the man and pushed him away, resulting in his arrest for misconduct and harassment.

Another arrest for Labiuf

Later that year, Labiuf was arrested again in Georgia on charges of drug abuse, disorderly conduct, and obstruction. One of the officers arrested was a black man whom Labiuf specifically reprimanded. Bodycam footage of the incident, obtained by TMZ, tells Labiuf’s arresting officers, “You’re going to hell, going straight to hell, brother,” before adding, “You, in particular, Devin.”

A white officer asked Labiuf why he had separated from Devin, and Labiuf replied, “Because he is a black man.” Earlier, Labiuf told officers, again addressing blacks, “You’ve got a president who doesn’t say anything about you. And you’re stuck in a police force that doesn’t give AF * ck and you,” adding, “So what do you do?” Want to arrest white people who give AF * ck? ” Labiuf later apologized for the harsh and racist feelings on social media, writing in part, “I am deeply ashamed of my behavior and have no excuse for it.”

Labiuf has been charged with further misconduct

In September 2020, Labiuf was charged with felony criminal mischief for allegedly stealing batteries and petty theft during an argument between him and another man, which ended with Labiuf snatching the man’s hat and fleeing. Unlike his other run-ins with the law, Labiuf was not arrested for the incident, although an arrest warrant could be issued for the nature of the charges.

Serious allegations of partner abuse

This is the latest allegation against our Labiuf, this time his ex-girlfriend, British musician FKA Twigs has lobbied against him. Twigs claimed in 2020 that during their relationship, Labiuf had been abusive to her and had abused her more than once, including allegedly throwing her in front of a car, suffocating her and hitting her.

He said New York Times“What I did with the Shiites was the worst thing I’ve ever done.” He added: “I don’t think people will ever think that this will happen to me. But I think that’s the thing. It can happen to anyone. ” LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Fowe has accused him of violence. Foe complained that Labiuf once hit him on the head and caused him to bleed.

In response to the allegations, Labiuf said his ex was worthy of revealing their truth, but insisted the claims were untrue. However, he acknowledged in a statement that “I have been abusing myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting people around me. I am ashamed of that history and I am sorry for those who hurt me. ”

The trial is set for April 17, 2023, which means we all have a long way to go before we can see the outcome of the trial. We’ll keep the case within this time, so check back with us for more updates

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