Will Smith allegedly asked Jada Pinkett to stop talking about their sex life,

Willpower And Jada Pinkett Smith Earlier this year, when the actor jumped on the Oscar stage and slapped Chris Rock in an ill-fated attempt to save Zadar’s honor, he faced heated controversy. But those who have followed Smith’s fame for some time now know that it is a far cry from the drama they faced as a couple. Let’s get back to one of those rumored points of excitement.

And will Jada almost go the ‘separate way’?

At this time around last year, All right! Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett are known to be ice-thin because of the actress’ tendency to overshare. Apparently, “rumors about their wild sex life” were following Will and he was at the end of his rope. Sources claim that he even feared that Jada would bring their daughter Willow into it. Willow recently appeared as Polymoras in an episode of Jada’s Red table talk, And according to Tipster, that was Will’s last straw. “It was too much, and Will has upset everyone,” the insider complained.

When Black men The actor had previously allowed Jada to do what he wanted to do and what he liked, he was “tired of going with it,” the source attested. They also described Jada’s infamous “water” with singer Augusta Alsina, emphasizing that it was all too much. “Will is telling Jada that if he doesn’t set some boundaries, it may be time for them to go their separate ways,” Tipster concluded.

Will Smith beg for ‘privacy, please’?

In retrospect, we are absolutely certain that there was no truth to this story. First, we found no evidence to support the outlet’s claim. The accused tipster failed to point out exactly what was bothering Will without the suspicious “rumors” about their sex life. The source cited Willow Smith’s polymerry as a potential point of excitement, but they never explained why Will would find that annoying. Overall, it was a very thin story that has been disproved by time.

We would like to mention Will Smith’s memoirs, Willpower, Was a soul-carrying work that could honestly be limited to “oversharing”, especially on her sex life. So, unless the tabloid wants to give Will a false label, we’ll assume he never begged Jada for “privacy.”

But everyone knows this is not the biggest story about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Will’s now-infamous Oscar slap will surely go down in Hollywood history. It even surpasses the thrilling drama of Zadar’s “water” and the harem of the internet meme that follows it. Yet, as far as these things are concerned, this is just a testament to Will and Jada’s determination to stay married. Because, of course, if that option had ever been on the table, they would have been divorced by now.

The Tabloid on Celebrity Marriage

This was not the first time All right! The “separation” about a famous couple cried, and it certainly was not the end. Last summer, the outlet reported that Reese Witherspoon and her husband were heading for divorce. The magazine then claimed that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were separated over a “problem of faith”. And most recently, the publication took another look at Smith’s marriage, claiming that Jada was forcing Will into an anger management class over the threat of divorce. Obviously, like the old dog All right! Not learning any new techniques.

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