Yes, you can grate safely and cook frozen chicken to speed up dinner

It is wise to store your uncooked chicken, beef and pork in the fridge, especially if you do not have time to cook before it goes bad. And if you buy in bulk, it’s more important to think about it.

However, there are days when we forget to defrost our meat before it almost rolls around for dinner. (Indicate panic or takeout order.)

While some defrosting methods are time consuming, other methods can promote the growth of dangerous bacteria, so it is always important to properly melt the meat. But, sometimes you have to have dinner at the table fast, and those moments where we hope we knew this hack.

Frozen chicken breast grating?

German YouTuber Sophie (aka Essen Rejepte) shared a video on her YouTube channel in May, which now has over 2 million views. Her video begins with a question. Have you ever cooked chicken breasts directly from the freezer? For most of us, the answer is probably no.

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However, according to the USDA, cooking frozen chicken is actually safe. Although there are some conditions, the most obvious is the cooking time. But, this hack reduces the cooking time.

She starts the video Grate Frozen chicken. She has her hands full though it looks easy Got it To be cold. Grinding chicken will reduce cooking time, obviously, and contrary to popular belief, you won’t lose any nutrients when cooking from frozen.

Delicious recipe using grated chicken

In her video, Sophie combines grated chicken breasts with grated potatoes, diced shawls, an egg, mozzarella cheese and seasoning. He then cooked the mixture over the oven to make a chicken-filled potato pancake (without flour).

While it certainly looks delicious, you can use this hack for any recipe that calls for chopped or finely chopped chicken. Easily make chicken meatballs with pasta or to add stuffed peppers. Tacos and enchiladas would be a breeze with grated chicken, but so would a simply frittata. No matter what food you prepare, make sure to cook the chicken thoroughly so that it does not contain any food-borne pathogens.

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