You can never guess what Queen Elizabeth’s favorite game is

The royal family is very busy from meeting diplomats from all over the world to attending charitable events and meeting their subjects. However, they do manage to make time for some fun and games. So, what Queen ElizabethFavorite game?

Queen’s favorite ‘parlor games’

When the royal family gathers for the holidays, they like to play games. According to royal biographer Duncan Larcomb, they like to play “parlor games, charred … everything that comes from Queen Victoria and they carry that tradition and games completely.”

Although there is a game, Queen Elizabeth refuses to play with the family, Charles is the Queen’s favorite sport, and she thinks she is the best in the acting game among her family members. It is rumored that, before their first Christmas, Prince Harry warned Meghan Merkel not to provoke the Queen with her professional acting skills.

In addition to Charred, Queen Elizabeth likes other “parlor games”. Another of his favorites is “The Name Game.” The royal family plays it so often that it is commonly referred to as a “game”.

Players write the names of well-known people on post-brick notes, then put them on a hat. They choose one without looking, the post-brick sticks to their foreheads and they must guess the name in their post-brick note by asking the rest of the players yes or no.

New Year’s tradition of the royal family

The queen also has a special game that she and members of the royal family play on New Year’s Eve. According to royal biographer Brian Howe, Queen Elizabeth likes to play a game called “Lucky Deep” to celebrate the holidays.

A footman presents the queen with a saw in a pot and a piece of paper with random sentences and the prophecies of the coming year written on them. “Every member of the royal family makes a lucky dive and if their specific predictions are not very favorable, the poor footman will be blamed,” Hoye explained.

Queen Elizabeth loves video games

In addition to “parlor games”, Rani is also a fan of video games. Kate Middleton gifted a Wii to her then-boyfriend Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth apparently enjoyed playing Wii sports bowling games.

Although Queen Elizabeth has a lot of responsibilities to attend every day, it’s nice to know that she even finds time to relax with her family and play some games.

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