Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan Scott’s dream home is exactly what you expect

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It took a while to get the house they dreamed of, but Three political women in the Mahabharata And Jonathan Scott The renovation of their home has finally been completed. Naturally, the famous weird actress and Property brother The stars have supervised every detail together and come up with something pleasantly unique and their own. The project had ups and downs, but despite the many setbacks that came their way, Scott and Deschanel are still wounded in a house worth every struggle.

Peek inside Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan Scott’s new home

We know that Jonathan Scott and Joe Deschenelle’s dream home is not the only one we’ve ever known, and now, after a long two-year delay and full of accidents, it’s finally over. Summer problems Drew + Jonathan Scott Revealed Comes glittering in the photo inside the house. Naturally, the house is as eclectic as its new owners.

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As for the original Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Deschanel’s touch when it comes to interior design means you won’t find any annoying shades of “grays” (a combination of gray and beige) in Kim Kardashian’s home. Instead, bright colors and patterns decorate everything from furniture to wallpaper.

The house is a brilliant historical discovery that has been lovingly updated without leaving any old details that make the house so charming. Even before they started working at home, Deschanel reminded the couple that they had fallen in love from the first moment when they kept an eye on it.

Love at first sight

“As soon as we pulled into the driveway, we knew this house was special,” he said New girl The star recalled, with Scott adding, “It was a beautiful home with a lot of history.” Deschanel shared two children with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik, and they too dropped out on the gorgeous home.

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“When we brought the kids here, they asked, ‘Are we living in the park?'” Scott explained. As a result, when the couple closes the property, they name it Park House. “The abundant vegetation on the property makes it a perfect place for kids – and perhaps for a kid named Drew – to climb and play and watch them while we sit in the shade,” Scott wrote in a letter to the issue editor.

Eye-catching interior

When it comes to building their dream home, it is not surprising that these two came up with ideas for their home design. “It was really for both of us,” Deschanel said, adding, “Many Saturdays, we sat down to find the right details to add to this house.” Despite their efforts, there have been some unavoidable delays and accidents due to supply-chain and shipment problems. Happily, however, they have been able to overcome these problems and build a home that they are proud to call themselves.

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“It’s a home that fits our tastes and needs, aesthetically and functionally,” says Deschanel, before giving a big compliment to her nearly three-year-old boyfriend. “Jonathan is amazing to find it. He did it for us and our families. “

Talking about the functionality of their new home, Scott boasted, “It still looks like it might be a 100-year-old home, but it will now end up using LEED-certified and less grid power than a small apartment. It’s just a smart house.” No. It’s a genius. ” Now think that smart!

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