Zooey Deschanel unknown in the throwback photo from the infamous ‘Vanity Fair’

Three political women in the Mahabharata Recently took to Instagram to share a throwback photo from a celebrity Vanity Fair photo Shoot, and fans loved looking back at one of her more unfamiliar looks.

Deschanel shared a throwback picture of her time as a blonde

“I’m giving you … the infamous @vanityfair cat photoshoot,” Deschanel captioned his post. The picture shows a small, very blonde deschanel holding a white dress, a small, white kitten. The photoshoot was for the 2001 spread Vanity Fair He did it when he was just 21 years old.

Deschanel looks very different in the throwback picture. The actress is now famous for her signature dark hair and bangs, so meeting her with a sandy blonde bob was a fun surprise for many fans.

Fans respond: ‘You weren’t born with bangs ????’

“What do you mean? You weren’t born with legs ?????” One person commented. Another wrote, “What !!!! You look so different … I don’t recognize you.” [seen] Articles in recent years claiming that you are actually a natural blonde, which always confuses me because I saw your picture as a child. “

Although some people were shocked to see the actress without her normal hair style, long time fans know that Deshchanel has acted with her look before. The actress usually wears black or dark brown hair and is rarely seen without her signature frog. However, he is known for pinning fans with a rare glimpse of his forehead.

Why Deschanel went blonde

Her biggest hairstyle change was when she wore blonde locks while performing in 2003 Elf Along with Will Ferrell. “The funny thing is I dyed my hair for a movie screen test that never happened,” he said. Diversity In 2018. “I had a meeting with Elf while I was blonde and I asked them if I could dye my hair brown again. They said, ‘No, we want you to look the way you did at your audition.’

Desnell kept her blonde hair for a while, and fans can see it in movies like this Abandon, The New Guy, Huge problemAnd All the Real Girls. She also did the usual number of red carpets and photoshoots while she was blonde and bang-lace, although fans can hardly remember a time where Deschenel was not a brunette, with plenty of photographic evidence.

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